Proposal Writer at Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Title: Proposal Writer
Company: Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Must have the following in order to apply:
◾Bachelor’s Degree in English, Marketing, Journalism, or a related field
◾Two (2) years of technical or proposal writing experience
◾Equivalent combination of education and experience
◾Computer Skills: Microsoft Office
◾Experience working with graphics (eg. anchored to text)

Location: Remote or Palm Harbor, FL

Job Description:
The Proposal Writer creates and submits responses that propose the building of workforce systems (CMS/UI/VR/AE) which answer the requests in a format that meets requirements and evaluation criteria identified. The creation of the RFP response includes the gathering and coordination of marketing, management, and development personnel inputs, and writing the response from source documentation (e.g., past proposals). It also includes continuous review of and knowledge of the current workforce systems (CMS/UI/VR/AE) and updating of boilerplate proposal documents.

Duties and Responsibilities
◾Create a shell document for proposal response inputs
◾Analyze requirements and write/create/find RFP responses matching the requirements
◾Find existing responses in previous proposals or boilerplate proposals
◾Use an actual current Geosol system to create up-to-date screens and functionality responses
◾Interview and work with different departments to gather information for any responses not readily available in existing documentation
◾Organize the various inputs and responses to individual requirements to create a formatted and organized draft proposal
◾Coordinate or perform line editing of final response for spelling / grammar / consistency
◾Create Final master files (& PDF copies) of the documented RFP response
◾Work with team to print & send final the response
◾Print final copies, organize, create tabs/packaging, bind, and ship
◾Perform Post-Response clean-up / maintenance for boilerplate
◾Clean and organize folders and files
◾Create hard copies of RFP for reference, presentations, internal use, etc.
◾Identify proposal input to be incorporated back into “Boilerplate” documents/files
◾Actively participate as a member of the team to move toward the completion of goals
◾Make customers, and their needs, a primary focus of one’s actions.
◾Develop and sustain productive customer relationships.
◾Take prompt action to accomplish objectives.
◾Take action to achieve goals beyond what is required, be proactive.
◾Anticipate consequences of decisions and actions.
◾Communicate recommendations to take preventative steps and initiate further action
◾Manages time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently
◾Accomplish tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small.
◾Show concern for all aspects of the job.
◾Accurately check processes and tasks.
◾Be watchful over time, meet demanding deadlines, learn quickly and exhibit organization in work habits.
◾Maintain stable performance under pressure or opposition, such as; time pressure or job ambiguity.
◾Handle stress in a way that is acceptable to others and to the organization.
◾Achieve a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills, or knowledge in position related areas.
◾Keep up with current developments and trends in area of expertise.
◾Display a work ethic demonstrated in attendance, punctuality, maturity and dedication.
◾Maintain a positive attitude.

Required Screenings:
Criminal background and professional reference check

Days & Hours:
Monday thru Friday, full-time position

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

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