Database Developer at Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Title: Database Developer
Company: Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Must have the following in order to apply:
◾Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field
◾Two years of database development experience in appropriate technical environment
◾Ability to rapidly learn and assimilate new information and technology
◾Quality analytical skills and organizational skills required
◾Able to work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
◾Has a command of MS SQL
◾Knowledge of database design standards
◾Ability to monitor and resolve database performance issues
◾Valid driver’s license required

Required Screenings:
Drug testing/screening. Reference checks.

Job Description:
Maintain and support data processing, movement, and access across multiple large-scale environments. Develop advanced procedures for various big data projects. Contribute to the development, design, testing and implementation of new projects.

Duties and Responsibilities
◾Designs advanced SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, scripts, cursors
◾Optimizes and improves SQL code for better performance
◾Ensure that programming standards and development methodologies are followed
◾Contribute to new projects, from concept and design through implementation
◾Estimates the level of effort required to complete a project or task
◾Prepares and update technical documentation
◾Mentors developers on general SQL and database skills

Days & Hours:
Complete schedule will be discussed with applicant.


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