Team Lead Full Stack JavaScript Engineer at CrossBorder Solutions

Title: Team Lead Full Stack JavaScript Engineer
Company: CrossBorder Solutions

Role Overview:
Does building enterprise-level, full-stack JavaScript systems and getting hands-on experience with the newest cloud technologies sound as excellent to you as it does to me? Want to learn new technologies, or improve your existing skills across all levels of the stack? Enjoy working across cloud infrastructure, databases, business logic, and the User Interface? Do you love to teach junior developers or aspire to be an elite developer? Why are you still waiting? The problems are complex, the fellow geeks are great, and the possibilities are endless! You will love the work we are doing at CrossBorder Solutions. 

Our Software Engineers work with the most progressive technologies in the business. We utilize JavaScript, TypeScript built on Node.js along with React to build our applications.  We leverage AWS Managed Services and PaaS abstractions like Alexa, Cognito, Lambda, and ECS backed by polyglot persistence including relational databases, key-value stores, Graph in Neptune, and persistent message streams.  Our applications run on cloud native services like Docker Containers in Fargate, Functions on Lambda and Aurora DB.  If you thrive in a challenging environment and have creative expertise with a desire to create the future, we are interested in you! 

What You Will Need to Succeed:
We are currently looking for a Team Lead with experience in Node.js and React, that will lead a team of full-stack engineers. A Team Lead  oversees leading the technology and engineers for one of our products. They are heavily involved in the architecture, planning & grooming, and code review & quality of the product. Along with the Product Owner, our leads will have ownership of sprint ceremonies and discussing with the team how they can continually improve as a team over time. They are currently or are aspiring to be a leader of people and will actively participate in mentoring up to 5 developers. 

Our entire system is in AWS. Because of this, our leads have strong knowledge and hands-on experience with multiple AWS resources such as: IAM, Cognito, Lambda, ECS Fargate, Kinesis, CloudFront, Lamba Edge, and much more. Every developer, at every level, must have a deep understanding of core JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms. Our developers don’t just want to know how to write code. They want to see how the tools that we use function under the hood. And they actively seek that knowledge. They come to our interviews and say, I haven’t used this technology much, but I’ve studied it enough to have a deep understanding of how it works. 
A successful developer in this role will know how to be a team player. They will understand that reliably delivering value is the most important thing and can demonstrate their experience doing this into production environments. They will proactively learn tools, libraries, etc., and bring their findings to the team. They will learn our culture, understand how they fit, and help us improve on it. 

Our Culture:
Our tech is phenomenal, but we expect our culture to be even better. 
We are Ego Free, team-first developers eager to grow and learn. Our developers work hard, desire to build the best teams, and enjoy working together to reach that goal. Our tech leaders facilitate this growth by building strong relationships with the developers and providing consistent and impactful feedback and coaching. We are all in different stages of our development, and we are all learning something new. Our mission is to ensure our leaders focus on facilitating that development and growing tomorrow’s leaders in technology. 

Technologies We Are Using:
JavaScript Shop: Node.js, React
Cloud First AWS: IAM, Cognito, Lambda, Fargate, RDS, DynamoDb, Kinesis, and more 
Microservices architecture: From the infrastructure to the user interface. 
CI/CD: Terraform, CircleCi 

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