Director of Startup & Entrepreneurship Programs at Tampa Bay Wave

Title: Director of Startup & Entrepreneurship Programs
Company: Tampa Bay Wave

The purpose of the Director of Startup & Entrepreneurship Programs is to build and manage programs and facilitate meaningful connections to accelerate growth of startups within Tampa Bay Wave’s largest tech startup membership program (called CORE), as well as to build and sustain a strong volunteer network of quality mentors. To succeed in this role, you must be able to:

– Optimize CORE Membership renewals and satisfaction ratings.
– Increase sales of CORE Membership revenue through recruiting efforts and sponsorship sales.
– Increase opportunities for investment capital for CORE member companies.
– Increase introductions of customers and/or business opportunities for CORE member companies.
– Optimize the total number of, as well as the overall quality of, Wave’s mentor network.
– Optimize overall engagement and satisfaction of mentor network members.

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