Lead Infrastructure and Cloud Engineer at Nielsen

Title: Lead Infrastructure and Cloud Engineer
Company: Nielsen

A leader position responsible for infrastructure and cloud strategy and architecture, configuration, maintenance, provisioning, support and troubleshooting with a hands–on infrastructure and cloud experience.

Preferred locations Chicago IL. Tampa, FL as a second choice.

Key responsibilities:

Participate, define, implement best cloud environment infra architecture

Continue improve of our Infrastructure practices and performance

Capacity planning and documentation of all infrastructure and provisioning processes

Coordinate and lead the automation of our provisioning processes, troubleshoot and resolve infrastructure issues on all environments, including on-prem

Lead and mentor a team of Infrastructure and Cloud engineers

Participate in budget planning and justification process

Second and third tier support to end-user customers when required

Required Experience:

8-10 years of experience as an Infrastructure Engineer/Lead

5-6 years of experience in database management and support, hardware management, technical analysis. Experience with Impala, Postgres, MongoDB, SQLServer, Oracle

2-3 years of experience with Cloud technology with at least 2 years of experience with Azure Cloud technology in enterprise environments. Good understanding of hardware specs and networking in the cloud (vnet, firewalls, load-balancing, NAT and IP assignments).

Experience with system and infrastructure integration, provisioning, automation tools: shell script in Linux, PowerShell Scripting, Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, Azure CLI, Azure VMs deployment

Experience with Secret Management tools as Azure Key Vault (preferred) , HarshiCorp Vault, Ansible Vault

Experience with one of the following Configuration Management tools: Ansible (preferred), Puppet, Chef, Salt

Experience with Hadoop, Databricks, Spark

Experience with Container and Container orchestration Azure services

Understanding of the microsevices infrastructure architecture

Agile/Scrum experience

See full details and apply at https://careers.nielsen.com/?s=2852&post_type=openings