Internet Researcher at Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Title: Internet Researcher
Company: Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Must have the following in order to apply:
Minimum 1-2 years of data analysis work or data-related work experience
High school diploma required
Must have data analysis skills
Skills in efficient navigation and use of the Internet
Able to manage multiple work projects and/or extensive projects
Able to learn and adapt to new software and projects of varying complexity
Training will be provided to candidates who show analytic skills
Experience with Microsoft Office products
Ability to apply understanding of data and concepts to issues beyond current projects
Candidate would be expected to demonstrate data analysis skills with a given list of websites
Must have driver’s license
Preferred Skills:
Basic SQL knowledge is helpful.

Required Screenings:
Criminal background and professional reference check.

Job Description:
Searches and identifies websites that meet established criteria for external collection of job data. Provides thorough analysis of various job-related data and is able to classify/categorize data effectively with level of accuracy. Analyzes basic database query results as they relate to research. Maintains thorough documentation of research, trends, and data classification. Initiates project documentation for qualifying sites. Works under general supervision in both individual and collaborative settings.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Researches new sites for data collection, based on established criteria of client/business needs
Provides analysis and classification and categorization of existing data
Uses knowledge of data to identify trends/issues
Accurately documents research findings, new sites, and other data classification
Uses Microsoft office and other software to analyze data and document
As experience grows will be expected to work on projects
Conducts basic database queries and can comprehend data search results
Work Environment:
We offer a fast paced, team-oriented environment with a casual dress code.

Days & Hours:
Monday through Friday; full time position.

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

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