CodeCamp Lead Instructor at Launchcode

Title: CodeCamp Lead Instructor
Company: Launchcode

LaunchCode CodeCamp

Web Development Lead Instructor, All-Female Cohort (Tampa, FL)


Are you passionate about sharing your coding skills with others? Have programming chops and communication skills? Does the thought of preparing people for employment sing to your soul? Then you, my friend, should come work at LaunchCode.

LaunchCode is a national non-profit solving the tech talent gap and paving new pathways to economic opportunity through education, skill-building, apprenticeships and job placement in technology. Our programs are innovative, effective, and scalable, and we have ambitious growth plans.

LaunchCode is seeking a highly motivated person who will serve as the Lead Instructor for CodeCamp. CodeCamp is an intensive, full-time educational experience for those wanting to get started with a career in programming. Upon completion, students apply for LaunchCode’s apprenticeship program.

CodeCamp is 14 weeks long, with class sizes between 20 and 30 students. In line with LaunchCode’s mission of making careers in technology accessible to individuals underrepresented in the tech industry, this cohort of CodeCamp will have only students who identify as female.


The curriculum is managed by LaunchCode and delivered by course staff, which consists of one Lead Instructor and 1-2 Teaching Assistants. The curriculum consists of procedural programming and web programming fundamentals in Python, with additional job-ready skills taught in Java/Spring or C#/.NET. The Lead Instructor will be responsible for executing the course curriculum, instructing students, coordinating instruction with other staff, and assisting students through the coursework.

The Immersive CodeCamp Lead Instructor:

Is responsible for the execution of all aspects of the course related to student learning, including lectures, review sessions, and facilitating student activities
Support and assist LaunchCode staff in organizing supplementary activities and content, such as guest lectures and employer site visits
Is responsible for all course administration related to classroom activities, including grading, attendance, student evaluation, and student communications
Manages other course staff
Works with course staff to ensure maximum support of each student, including identifying student performance problems and working with students to create pathways for improvement
Works with LaunchCode staff to manage student enrollment and learning status, and regularly report course and student progress

The Lead Instructor should have experience:

Teaching programming or comparably technical topics at the college level or equivalent
Programming in a professional setting
Solid knowledge of current programming trends and best practices
Programming in a variety of languages, including object-oriented; dynamically- and statically-typed; compiled and interpreted
Building and deploying software applications from scratch

The Lead Instructor should possess:

A desire to work with driven individuals and help them succeed
Strong written and verbal communication skills
A strong, outcome-oriented work ethic
Empathy for learners who are working hard to learn new skills
An ability to thrive and be an effective team member in high-intensity environments

Position Type

This is a full-time, contract position based in the University Square area of Tampa. The period of engagement is Sept 9th – Dec 20th.

Compensation is $25,600 for the total engagement.

To Apply

Apply online by filling out the form above. No phone calls, please; we’re busy kicking butt and taking names (and tech jobs). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled. We highly recommend applying as early as possible for the best chance of moving forward. The employment eligibility of all new hires will be verified using E-Verify.

We Heart Diversity

LaunchCode supports and fosters leadership from underrepresented communities. We strongly encourage folks from immigrant communities and communities of color, as well as those who identify as women, LGBTQ, or under-resourced to apply. LaunchCode is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Program and employment policies of LaunchCode are nondiscriminatory in regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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